Vicky Kingston

Vicky Kingston

Strategic Director – Energy

Vicky is Strategic Director for Energy at Local Partnerships. She is responsible for the development and growth of our energy products and services and works closely with the Re:fit programme, a national energy performance contracting (EPC) framework, co-owned with the Greater London Authority and Welsh Energy Services Programme, working with Welsh Government to deliver local energy initiatives.

Vicky is an experienced Project and Programme Manager within the energy sector. Her experience to date includes delivering large scale investment programmes in both the domestic and non-domestic energy sector to European, government and public sector clients. During her time at Local Partnerships she has successfully led the rollout of Re:fit across England and Wales including the procurement of the third generation Re:fit framework.

Vicky is also leading on the aggregation and coordination of Local Partnerships “Place Creation” support service, of which energy is a core component. This service seeks to provide our clients with a framework for creating economically successful, healthy and resilient communities as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Mobile: 07876 594 041


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