Our Waste team help clients to plan strategically, solve complex commercial issues, manage programmes or projects effectively and increase delivery confidence.

We have worked closely with DEFRA for several years managing its Waste Infrastructure Delivery Programme and to initiate its savings Programme in 2013/14, which has already secured £145 million of savings. We provide an interface between the policy of central government and local delivery. Our teams offer extensive technical, commercial and procurement experience gained across public and private sector environments. 

Waste services’ resources: how councils and contractors may collaborate in response to the COVID-19 emergency


Since the start of the COVID-19 emergency there has been a sharp and significant shift in levels of demand in particular segments of the waste services industry. Domestic purchasing patterns have changed, there has been a decline in demand in areas such as trade and commercial waste and many Household Waste Recycling Centres have been closed.

This situation is creating an imbalance in the amount of resources available to deal with different types of waste supply, with shortages of staff in some areas and under-utilisation in others. Guidance is being updated regularly by government and the waste management industry in relation to local authorities and waste and recycling. Critical advice and guidance may be found at these sources via the embedded links:

We have produced a briefing note, “Waste services’ resources: how councils and contractors may collaborate in response to the COVID-19 emergency” to provide further guidance for waste authorities that are experiencing difficulties in balancing waste services resources as a consequence of contracting arrangements that are coming under stress because of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Click here to access “Waste services’ resources: how councils and contractors may collaborate in response to the COVID-19 emergency”

In 2018 – 19 we helped our clients achieve:

Waste Infrastructure Plan for Wales
We played a key role in supporting the Welsh Government’s ambition to become one of the top performing recycling nations in the world, helping to create a new Waste Infrastructure Plan for Wales. At its heart stands a model that helps predict waste volumes by category under varying policy scenarios. The model has provided supporting evidence to create a new programme of interventions including the separate collection and treatment of absorbent hygiene products and for a wood waste sorting and chipping pilot facility. To support this very important initiative, we have agreed a three year extension to our service contract.

The Welsh Government’s Waste Infrastructure Procurement Programme included three residual waste treatment
contracts, involving 14 of the 22 Welsh councils. We continued to support the construction phase of the last of these facilities this year in North Wales. The other two contracts are fully operational, diverting 375,000 tonnes per annum of residual waste from landfill, generating 30MW of renewable energy. The Waste Infrastructure Procurement Programme also includes a network of anaerobic digestion plants to treat source-segregated food waste, generate renewable energy and produce digestate to replace chemical fertilizers.

The new waste treatment facilities will produce estimated savings of over £500m for the public sector in Wales over a 25 year period.

Our role includes commercial support and oversight, contract management reviews and contract management training.

Waste authorities
In conjunction with the Waste and Resources Action Programme  we commenced work on whole waste system reviews for several combined authorities. The reviews provide a sound basis for service re-provision and repositioning, improved performance and potential savings. We undertook a number of direct commissions with local authorities in England this year, the most notable being our support to the Tees Valley Combined Authority.

For more information about what we have helped our clients achieve, see our 2018-19 impact report. 



Local Partnerships’ abillity to step back from a problem and take a look at the bigger picture has been of great value to us. This has been very evident across all the work on which Local Partnerships provides support to Defra. In particular I would highlight the work with combined authorities to help take  a broader and more strategic viewpoint on their collective waste management challenges.

Tony Hitching, Programme Manager, Waste Infrastructure Delivery Programme, Defra

The relationship with Local Partnerships gives me invaluable access to commercial, procurement and project delivery expertise. They work flexibly, responding to our changing priorities.

Jasper Roberts, Deputy Director, Waste & Resource Efficiency Devision, Welsh Government 


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