We help councils accelerate housing development to meet their regeneration and housing growth objectives.

Our work includes practical procurement and delivery expertise to bridge relationship gaps with developers, and maximise the commercial opportunities available to the public sector. We bring public and private sector experience that helps provide confidence, capacity and capability to councils and combined authorities who have housing supply and regeneration ambitions.

We work closely with the Homes England and HMCLG. We directly support a number of councils to develop and deliver their housing growth plans. Our team operates as a seamless part of the council’s local team, supplementing skills or capacity gaps to manage and deliver end-to-end estates’ renewal programmes.

In 2018 – 19 we helped our clients achieve :

In 2018-19, we provided delivery-focused resources to support 44 councils (including five through the LGA Housing Advisers programme), two combined authorities, and the Welsh Government. We helped council teams preparing full business cases for Housing Infrastructure Fund (HIF) bids for capital awards amounting to £130m in Bolton and Wigan and £70m in Lincolnshire. If successful, the infrastructure delivered would enable the delivery of 12,000 new homes in Bolton and Wigan and 12,500 in Lincolnshire.

In Bury and Salford, we provided commercial leadership that is shaping the regeneration of two local centres. In both cases, fresh schemes have been designed and financially appraised with delivery plans that will lead to capital investment in excess of £200m.

We enabled Wirral Council to secure £6m worth of HIF grant. This funding will enable the first phase of 1,106 new properties to be developed as part of the overall scheme at Wirral Waters. With 13,500 new properties being built, this is the largest housing regeneration scheme in the country.

On behalf of Bradford MDC, Local Partnerships identified a pipeline of council-owned sites suitable for the delivery of an estimated 350 new homes, of which 218 were affordable. We provided further support appraising and shortlisting additional council-owned sites, advising on their phasing and delivery. These additional sites have an estimated capacity of 370 private and affordable new homes and will accelerate housing delivery across the district.

Growth deals

We completed two pilot schemes on ways to meet the government’s target that 20% of new homes should be on small sites. The research was carried out in conjunction with Milton Keynes and St Helens Councils. It yielded a range of workable measures, especially involving community-led initiatives and partnerships with specialist registered providers on blended pipelines.

We also provided eight councils with rapid access to a housing development site financial appraisal scheme producing assessments on 44 sites with the capacity to provide 13,495 new homes.

 We have developed a range of strategic tools, covering infrastructure planning and delivery and housing market- making, through our work in other areas (particularly Greater Manchester and Greater Lincolnshire) which can be used to plan and deliver place-based economic and housing growth. These place-based tools would be useful if deployed in the Oxford- MK-Cambridge Corridor or strategic growth planning across the country.

Our work in Greater Lincolnshire has supported all 10 local authorities (the County Council, two unitary councils and seven district councils). We worked with the local authorities to develop a vision, strategic infrastructure delivery plan and strategy to deliver a housing and employment sites pipeline, supporting the delivery of 100,000 new homes.


For more information about what we have helped our clients achieve, see our 2018-19 impact report.


Local Partnerships’ work at Wirral has harnessed local knowledge and created a much sharper, focused approach, which is commercially aware and which will result in more homes delivered over the next five years

Eric Robinson, Chief Executive, Wirral Council

I have found Local Partnerships supportive and knowledgeable, particularly on the technical and financial aspects of our street lighting PFI – enabling us to make informed decisions and ensuring that we haven’t wasted effort in these areas on what is a challenging and complex contract change.

Peter Woodward, Capital Programmes and Property, Manchester City Council


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