We support councils in their response to the public sector reform agenda and councils’ transformation programmes to create more efficient or alternative service delivery models.

We help the public sector respond to the significant challenges and opportunities it faces including exploration of alternative local government models as part of devolution discussions and financial restructuring, formal collaboration and merger, acting as independent broker between different parties. We provide support for the production of business cases for councils wishing to invest in energy, housing and social investment as part of their commercial-led strategies. 

In 2018 – 19 we helped our clients achieve:

Blue light efficiency

In 2018-19 we provided Project Management Office (PMO) and wider strategic support to the Police National Commercial Board (NCB). The NCB sets strategic direction at a national level for police commercial and procurement activity and supports the Policing Vision 2025[link]  to increase standardisation, interoperability and convergence between forces. It oversees the delivery of a Home Office target of collaborative procurement savings of £350m by April 2020, and an additional £100m by 2021.

Our work has contributed to surpassing the £350m target, delivering savings of £380.9m which equates to protection of more than 750 front line officers.

In addition to our role as PMO we have worked on a full business case  for the establishment of a new organisation that will provide national co-ordination of strategic commercial activities within policing. Our work within policing also widened to support planning for (no-deal) Brexit by developing a commercial impact assessment toolkit for forces.

Building on the successful NCB commercial project, in 2018-19 we developed a programme and project management offer for our commercial projects. We provided programme and project management support to the Home Office and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport, as well as additional work with the NCB and the Metropolitan Police Service. We submitted entries on behalf of the NCB for two industry awards (Public Finance Awards and Go Procurement Awards) for which they were selected as finalists.



We supported public sector organisations explore the opportunities that commercialisation of council activities can offer. We helped councils develop realistic plans, from increasing revenue to developing an entrepreneurial culture and establishing public-owned businesses. Commercialisation activities in 2018-19 included:

  • piloting an approach with Birmingham City Council to support local authorities
    in relation to commercial skills, leadership, culture and the establishment of new commercial ventures
  • providing external challenge and critical friend support to Suffolk County Council’s Commercial Board, reviewing the full range of council services and assessing commercialisation options
  • leading a session on commercialisation at Denbighshire County Council’s leadership conference in December
  • in spring 2019 we ran a series of webinars, targeted at councils at different stages on their commercialisation They were attended by 134 participants and received very positive feedback. [links to webinar]

We supported Cornwall Council in its successful business case for funding towards Europe’s first horizontal launch Spaceport [link] by reviewing the application and providing critical friend support.


Reorganisation and devolution

A devolution framework for England remains a government commitment and it is hoped that its release will bring clarity to certain aspects around powers and controls that will give new impetus to this agenda.

Over the last year, we have worked closely with the LGA on potential offers to Northamptonshire, Somerset, Dorset and extended
guidance to Nottinghamshire. We have delivered support to South Holland, Breckland and Kings Lynn & West Norfolk Councils as part of their future structural considerations.

Most of our reorganisation activity in 2018-19 related to our support to Devon and Cornwall Police and Dorset Police, as well as to the respective Police and Crime Commissioners, in relation
to the potential merger of the forces. This activity was carried out in conjunction with the Home Office which took a keen interest in using our work as a model for future merger proposals. The case was not supported unanimously by all parties, despite the efficiency case being made [link].

For more information about what we have helped our clients achieve, see our 2018-19 impact report.


Local Partnerships provided impartial, technical reviews and advice, ensuring confidence with staff and stakeholders. We would recommend Local Partnerships to other public and third sector organisations.

Elaine Poon, Major Projects Officer, West Lindsey District Council

The relationship with Local Partnerships gives me invalauble access to commercial, procurement and project delivery expertise. They work flexibly, responding to our changing needs and priorities.

Jasper Roberts, Deputy Director, Waste & Resource Efficiency Division, Welsh Government 


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