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POSTED ON 8th August 2016

Local Partnerships works with the Welsh Government to deliver the Green Growth Wales programme. Through this work, we have discovered an appetite in the public sector to push for innovation in energy projects. This takes many forms and includes ways of powering communities more independently, thinking about energy storage adjacent to renewables generation, so that projects can sell back to the grid at times of peak pricing, or looking at hydrogen as an alternative fuel.

These initiatives could be attractive to European and other UK sources of research and demonstration funding and in Wales there has been an excellent allocation of European structural funds for 2014-20. These funds have not yet been allotted to projects so an opportunity exists to tap in to these kinds of funding streams.

Local Partnerships saw the opportunity to bring the various players together, and on the 20th July we hosted an event, led by Jane Forshaw, and with the sponsorship of Welsh Government. The event was over-subscribed and attracted over 60 people, providing Welsh European Funding Office staff the opportunity to meet the community, as well as the private and public sector colleagues Local Partnerships are working with.

The event was a great success with very positive feedback. We generated over 50 project ideas and have been asked to repeat this format for the other three regions of Wales in the autumn. Details of these events will follow shortly.

For further information regarding this event or similar future events please contact Jane Forshaw.

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