Webinar: Lessons learnt from councils’ response to rough sleeping and the pandemic

WRITTEN BY Local Partnerships
POSTED ON 24th November 2020

A new report, “Lessons learnt from councils’ response to rough sleeping during the COVID-19 pandemic“, commissioned by the Local Government Association from Local Partnerships, has just been published and has received national coverage. To maximise the value of this report to councils we are hosting a webinar at midday on Thursday 3 December to discuss our findings further. Click here to reserve your place.

The report shines a light on the extraordinary efforts that councils made to accommodate and support rough sleepers, and those at risk of it, during the national lockdown. In turn, this has raised the profile of this vulnerable group of people. The “Everyone In” initiative highlighted the situation of large numbers of people at risk of rough sleeping, as well as those already on the street. Our research from around the UK explores the practical solutions councils and their partners found for dealing with these complex issues.

At the webinar the authors of the report, Jenny Coombs and Tim Gray, will be joined by Steve Philpott, who is the Strategic Lead for Rough Sleepers at Birmingham City Council, to share his experience and how this is driving changes in the city’s housing options service.

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