Resilience – reaching out and reaching in

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POSTED ON 26th June 2018

What does resilience mean to you as a Leader, as a politician, as a Chief Executive, as a senior officer? What does it mean for your organisation and the people who work in it, and the people you are working to serve?

Local government is fast approaching a decade characterised by unprecedented funding reductions, economic uncertainty and significant policy changes. It has been a difficult period for all those working in, and dependent upon, the sector. However, it is becoming increasingly clear that the pressures experienced over this time are not those of a temporary storm, but are likely to represent the working norm for the foreseeable future.

Consequently, Councils are needing to find new levels of resilience; but what does this actually mean? Is it about accepting the reality of a situation; continuing to believe in the purpose and value of what you are doing; being flexible and improvising?

If so, what is the reality that Councils need to accept? How do you retain the sense of purpose and value? What does flexibility and improvisation mean in practice? Join us at stand C9 on Tuesday 3 July at 4.10pm for a 15 minute insight session where Strategic Director, Martin Forbes, will explore these questions in the context of local government, highlighting examples from our work across the country and sharing and signposting to examples that we hope will prove useful to you and your own organisation.

To book your place, please email Roz and simply respond: “Resilience”. Further details will be sent to you.

For further details please contact:

Martin Forbes

M: 07899 965 739

We look forward to seeing you at conference!

⬆️ Strategic Director Martin Forbes writes for the MJ about levelling up and how to negotiate the challenges ahead. Join members of our bid review team for a webinar on 13 December to look at these issues further. Register here:


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