New carbon Accounting Tool

WRITTEN BY Local Partnerships
POSTED ON 30th July 2020

Consistent and easy calculation of an annual carbon baseline is an important part of managing the carbon in our organisations. Without an effective means for benchmarking emissions it is difficult to measure levels between local authorities, we are working with the LGA to integrate the outputs of the tool into LG Inform to enable effective benchmarking.

With the right tools, local authorities can undertake the calculation of a carbon baseline with confidence. The Local Partnerships Carbon Accounting Tool will be free at the point of use to all local authorities. It has been reviewed by the Carbon Disclosure Project for compliance and is currently in user testing with a number of local authorities.

This tool enables local authorities to calculate their Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions as well as a number of Scope 3 emissions. It is designed to cover local authoritiesโ€™ own activities, as opposed to the SCATTER tool which looks at area wide emissions. We are working with the LGA to ensure that the toolโ€™s outputs can interface with LG Inform to enable peer- and near-neighbour benchmarking.

The tool will be available to download from the Local Partnerships website from 18 August. The LGA and Local Partnerships will host a webinar on 11 September to provide an introduction. To register please email

Jo Wall
Strategic director, climate response
07770 702 386

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