Local Partnerships helps Birmingham city council launch their new school energy efficiency programme (SEEP)

Pictures: Workshop held on 23 February 2016
POSTED ON 25th February 2016

Helping to save money, reduce bills and improve energy efficiency in school buildings
On the 23 February 2016, 19 schools heard about this new programme and how it has been designed by the council to support Birmingham Schools during 2016 to realise future energy efficiencies and more importantly financial savings with their school buildings.
The workshop shared how this programme is partnering with the Local Partnerships and their National Re:fit Programme and its experienced delivery team, Salix Finance and its interest free loans and the council’s Sustainable School programme; all with an aim to help improve the operational performance of schools’ buildings
The event was very interactive and generated a lot of questions about the programme, its support, type of solutions involved, benefits and guarantees. The interested schools are now gaining agreement internally and signing up to the programme to participate.
The presentations involved covered the followings areas. .
• School Energy Efficiency Programme (SEEP)
– Aim, background and partners
– What is being offered to schools
– Experience of the Re:fit programme in England
– Case studies from schools who had recent improvements and funded via Salix Finance
– Overview of the SEEP process and timescales
– Why energy efficiency in schools?
– Types of solutions are available
• Salix Finance and how it works
• Sustainable Schools Programme – building a sustainable approach with pupils, staff and parents
• How to participate in SEEP
• Q&A session

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