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POSTED ON 13th October 2016

It is clear that housing remains at the top of the political agenda, and be for some time to come. Housing supply is a key challenge for local authorities throughout the country and many local authorities are now looking at the vehicles to help drive an increase in supply in their area. On Tuesday 4th October, here at Local Government House we launched our “Housing Delivery Vehicles Toolkit” during the Ready, Steady, Build workshop.

We were delighted that so many colleagues joined us, representing local authorities across England. After an introduction from Local Partnerships’ Chief Executive, Sean Hanson, Sir Robin Wales (Mayor, London Borough of Newham) provided a public sector perspective on housing. He gave the workshop attendees an update on the challenges facing his own borough, and how the council is shaping their response through local housing delivery vehicles. The experience of Newham is that in order to deliver the step change in housing supply needed, over a 30 year period, intervention at scale is required.

Giving a private sector perspective, Peter Quinn (Business Development Director of Lovell) stressed the key factors behind making public-private partnerships work successfully: including knowledge, skills, risks, resources, and efficient use of land. Barriers to success include fear of the unknown, power and control, different aims, and procurement and finance.

Jenny Coombs of Local Partnerships illustrated the scale of the challenge faced nationally and the crucial role that local authorities need to play in this response. The last time the country built new homes in the numbers that will be required in the future, around 40% were built by local authorities. The toolkit launched by Local Partnerships is based on a number of modules, going through scoping, market engagement, vehicle development, procurement of partners and suppliers, and finally operations. The toolkit approach is designed to reach the answer that best meets specific local needs in the field of housing supply. Key factors that local authorities need to build into their thinking are the understanding of the local housing market, leadership, and commercial expertise.

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