Harnessing the potential to strengthen the green agenda

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POSTED ON 3rd July 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about significant and rapid shifts in attitudes and behaviours. Changes we thought would take years to enact were achieved overnight. This swift adaptation provides a basis to capitalise on these positive alterations and drive transformation. It is critical to harness the potential offered by green recovery and avoid slipping back into previous โ€œbusiness as usualโ€ models.

Green recovery includes many existing elements, and a lot of councils are putting climate strategies at the heart of their recovery activity. Accelerating projects already identified for their local economies, from tree planting to energy efficiency, and cycle lanes to broadband, will help to promote and stimulate local green jobs.

Within councils โ€“ lots are contemplating a shift to more home and flexible working and this brings opportunities to create new residential accommodation in some of the surplus buildings. In turn, this could potentially form part of the solution to finding proper long-term homes for rough sleepers housed under emergency measures during the lockdown. Home working and a reduction in office floor space will lead to financial savings and carbon savings. Some carbon (heating and lighting) may be displaced to peopleโ€™s homes and we need to find ways to encourage residential energy efficiency work to mitigate against this. We help councils to develop responses to declarations of climate emergency determine emissions baselines, plot forward trajectories and develop action plans for dealing with greenhouse gas reductions in order to become carbon neutral authorities.

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