From starter homes to housing zones

POSTED ON 1st March 2016

Starter Homes is a flagship government policy. Significant funding for local authorities was announced in the Chancellor’s budget on 16 March.
Local Partnerships have been working with MHCLG and five local authorities in a pilot scheme to test how might be able to accelerate the delivery of starter homes. This project will help MHCLG scope out the support needed. This will be translated into a programme that will be rolled out to all local authorities later this year.

Local Partnerships recently assisted the Wirral through an appraisal of their asset management and rationalisation of their office estate. This helped them improve their process for disposing of surplus property. We helped them work with other partners in the public sector to consider different approaches to asset management.
Building upon this piece of work, our new assignment is to help the Wirral with a housing zone bid. As part of this project, we will review their housing strategy to help them increase the number of homes built in the Wirral. Using a One Public Estate approach, we will help them take a strategic view of their asset management across the public sector. This will deliver reduced costs of managing the estate and reveal surplus property and assets, at least some of which will be freed up to delivery more housing.

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Five key themes emerged from the assembly's (@NetZeroUK) work that councils can use to inform their decisions, writes Jo Wall, strategic director, climate response at @LP_localgov.#READ: "The people have spoken - the UK's first climate assembly"

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