Energy efficiency and generation

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POSTED ON 3rd July 2020

A top priority for a local authority looking to fulfil its environmental pledges is to tackle energy demand and carbon emissions across the estate. If not already doing so, councils could consider using an Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) framework, which offers a tangible first step towards a green recovery. The Re:fit EPC framework is a procurement initiative, jointly owned by the Greater London Authority and Local Partnerships. It enables public bodies to implement and accelerate energy efficiency measures and local energy generation of their assets, buildings and land. It helps improve the energy performance of local authority assets and, as a result, guarantees substantial annual cost savings and the reduction of carbon emissions.

Programmes supported by the Re:fit framework, such as upgrading LED lighting and replacing boilers, represent quick wins for local authorities embarking on the pathway to net-zero. For organisations that have already made progress, there is an opportunity to implement deeper retrofit measures such as fabric improvements and the decarbonisation of heat. The fourth Re:fit framework, Re:fit 4, was launched at the end of April 2020. The Framework has been developed for use with heat networks and other larger-scale renewable energy projects in mind, to specifically help authorities develop and deliver key climate response activities. Crucially, the use of an EPC Framework such as Re:fit enables the capacity for local authorities to grapple with longer-term solutions to more difficult challenges such as the decarbonisation of transport, and adaption.
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