Deal or no Deal?

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POSTED ON 25th June 2018

What do you know about the “deals” central government have agreed with local authorities? What lessons have been learned, and could a “deal” be right for you?

Over the past eight years central government has used the concept of “deals” as a way of engaging with local government. Implied in this approach is the idea that national support and resources are being provided in return for local authorities and their partners accelerating delivery of development and change. The lessons are therefore relevant to a wide range of authorities.

What is happening in this arena is a useful guide to central government’s thinking and expectations relating to growth, housing as well as the integration of locally and nationally managed services, whether or not your authority is actively pursuing a “deal”.

Join us at stand C9 on Wednesday 4 July at 1.20 pm for a 15 minute insight sessionwhere Strategic Director, Simon Bandy, will use his experience in this area to draw out the lessons that can help your authority better investigate the possibilities for developing a deal. He will cover the expectations and opportunities relating to housing and infrastructure planning, funding and governance, as well as how the economic impact of investment will be measured. Simon will highlight examples from our work across the country, sharing and signposting to examples that we hope will prove useful to you and your own organisations.

To book your place, please email Roz and simply respond: “Deal”. Further details will be sent to you.

For further details please contact:

Simon Bandy
M: 07917 202 318

We look forward to seeing you at conference!

⬆️ Strategic Director Martin Forbes writes for the MJ about levelling up and how to negotiate the challenges ahead. Join members of our bid review team for a webinar on 13 December to look at these issues further. Register here:

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