Councils and Registered Providers: Housing Delivery Partnerships

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POSTED ON 9th July 2021

Is your council making the most of its relationships with Housing Associations? Councils can face several housing delivery challenges including project viability, stalled allocated sites, unmet supported housing needs or funding modular homes. Bespoke council partnerships with Housing Associations can be an important part of the solution.

The partnership between Calderdale Council and Together Housing is an excellent example. This successful partnership is tackling a blend of viable and non-viable stalled sites with dedicated project officers, managed jointly as a dynamic pipeline. Early loss-making policy plus schemes are offset by later more commercial schemes. Local Partnerships provided an independent review and action plan to help the partners achieve their shared objective to accelerate the pace of unit completions. By supporting Wirral Council, we helped to mobilise a Social Housing Partnership via a non-contractual mechanism. This initiative has secured interest from Housing Associations in stalled sites across the district as well as helped to minimise competitive bidding between Associations for land.

Local Authorities can access our housing and regeneration team to fill capacity gaps to broker, establish, and optimise delivery partnerships.

For a confidential discussion about your housing delivery challenges please contact one of our specialist team direct, or through Judith Atkinson, Strategic Director 07852 470 949.

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