Climate adaptation toolkit and risk generator

The UK Government has committed to reducing carbon emissions to net zero by 2050, and 70% of local authorities in the UK have declared a climate emergency. Net zero cannot be achieved without adaptation.

Adaptation (in climate change context) is otherwise known as resilience or preparedness. Resilience is the ambition, adaptation is the method.

We need to adapt to the challenges that arise from the significant climate impacts we are facing in the UK, and take advantage of the opportunities.

Adaptation Toolkit

The Adaptation Toolkit is a 5-step process to help you prepare for the impacts the current and future climate could have on your authority, your residents, and the services you provide. [originally developed by UKCIP]

This toolkit has been structured to guide you through each stage of developing a strategy and action plan for adaptation, as a facilitation tool that seeks to bridge the technical guidance from the CCRA3 and the practicalities of local government. Each stage outlines what you can do, what information you need to gather some guiding questions, and how to record the information. This toolkit is intended to be read and used alongside other existing guidance documents to aid you develop your understanding of climate risk and resilience for your organisation. A list of resources is included.

Risk Register Generator

The UK Government is required under the 2008 Climate Change Act to publish a UK-wide Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA) every five years. The Act stipulates that the Government must assess “the risks for the United Kingdom from the current and predicted impacts of climate change”.

The Climate Change Committee (CCC) published The UK’s third Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA3) in June 2021. The report sets out 61 risks, and can be accessed using the links below:

Summary report
Technical advice
Sector specific briefings

Local Partnerships has developed this risk register generator to support local authorities identify and produce a risk register applicable to the type of local authority and geographic location. The risk register generator is best used in conjunction with the Adaptation Toolkit.

Before you access the risk generator please first download and save the risk register file.

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