Conference: Identifying improvements, delivering success

Identifying improvements, delivering success

We are hosting a one-day, free to attend conference to help you strengthen corporate governance and robust decision-making where those already using the Internal Assurance Toolkit will share their experiences and best practice tips. The conference will take place on TBA, in Portcullis House, Westminster.

What is the Local Partnerships Internal Assurance Toolkit?

Local Partnerships has designed a simple method of introducing a robust process easily integrated into an authority’s existing project management systems. It builds on expertise we have developed over ten years delivering external Gateway Reviews.

The Internal Assurance Toolkit is a strategic approach to strengthen corporate governance, and ensure robust decision-making. It is designed to improve the rigour and discipline in procurement, commissioning, change management and contract management, particularly for projects/programmes of work that don’t warrant external review. It is designed to be:

  • Easy to use, yet robust enough to demonstrate an added value process
  • Flexible, simple to use, free from unnecessary complexity and jargon
  • Able to meet the basic requirements of the Gateway accredited assurance process
  • Easily rolled out to public sector bodies, creating a common approach to internal reviews.

Ensuring successful delivery of your projects and programmes

The conference will help you:

  • Limit the risk of nasty surprises on projects, such as delays or cost increases
  • Strengthen corporate governance
  • Increase the quality of delivery across your authority
  • Provide increased transparency across programmes and projects
  • Embed a culture of continuous improvement
  • Maximise the potential of staff
  • Increase networking and sharing of best practice


  • Keynote speaker – why is assurance important?
  • What is the Internal Assurance Toolkit? How and why does it help?
  • Using the Internal Assurance Toolkit in practice

Group working:

  • Self-assessment toolkit?
  • Summary of toolkit for senior users?
  • Community of Practice: case study

To register for the conference please contact
To find out more, please contact Jim Scopes on 07799 268 705 or

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