LP-Icon-AssuranceOur infrastructure work boosts the capacity and capability of our clients. We act as “critical friend”, helping them to plan strategically, solve complex commercial issues and increase delivery confidence. We have worked closely with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) for several years to manage its Waste Infrastructure Delivery Programme and to develop its Operational Savings Programme, which aims to deliver a minimum of £307 million of savings.

Drawing on the knowledge and insights gained from these projects, we work with central government departments, national agencies and local authorities to develop specialist support for a wider range of infrastructure programmes including highways maintenance, flood management and superfast broadband.


Delivering Efficiencies in Waste Services in the East of England

Delivering waste efficiencies in the North West

Local Energy Options Guide

Planning to succeed

Contract management guidance



In the current economic climate, local authorities are exploring all avenues, including new commercial opportunities, to deliver public services. To assist local authorities, Local Partnerships has produced the above “guide to potential corporate vehicles” as an introduction to some of the vehicles that can be used for collaboration and the delivery of services. It should be noted that these options are a means to an end, so firstly authorities must decide what it is they wish to achieve, when and with whom.

Please contact John Enright for further information:


Strategic Director Martin Pollard speaks at @CIWM event today on #procurement in #waste management

Strategic Director Martin Pollard speaks at @CIWM event today on #procurement in #waste management

About 4 hours ago

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