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Local Partnerships’ work at Wirral has harnessed local knowledge and created a much sharper, focused approach, which is commercially aware and which will result in more homes delivered over the next five years

Eric Robinson Chief Executive, Wirral Council

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LP-Icon-AssuranceOur growth and sustainability work is centred on physical development, property and asset management, including asset rationalisation.

We also support local enterprise partnerships and regeneration teams, and those responsible for enterprise zones and housing delivery.Our work includes practical procurement and delivery expertise to bridge relationships with developers, and maximise the commercial opportunities available to the public sector.

We work with public sector organisations outside London to deliver the National Re:fit Programme, an energy efficiency programme that guarantees substantial financial savings whilst improving the energy efficiency of assets. We support clients through every stage of a Re:fit project from scoping specification requirements through to procurement close, and into project delivery.





RT @LP_localgov As uncertainty grows, have you assessed how Brexit could impact your supply chain? We have extended our webinars and Toolkit for 20 & 27 November and 4 December. Contact Adam Yardley or follow the link for more information #Brexit #CommercialCouncils

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