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POSTED ON March 3, 2015

Local Partnerships has worked with the Environment Agency (EA) to support it with the efficient and successful delivery of the Flood & Coastal Risk Management (FCRM) programme to protect thousands of homes from the risk of flooding.

Between 2014 and 2020, the FRCM programme will oversee the delivery of a range of flood protection schemes across the country, including major investment in the Thames Estuary, Somerset Levels and Leeds City regions.

With government funding of £2.3 billion committed to 2020, the EA will work closely with lead local flood authorities and other risk management authorities across England to ensure the schemes are delivered efficiently – on

time and to budget.

Local Partnerships, drawing on our wide experience of supporting government departments with complex

capital programmes, for example Defra’s Waste Infrastructure Delivery Programme, is working with the EA to help it enhance and develop its commercial and programme management of the schemes.

In the first instance, we worked with the Environment Agency, the lead local flood authorities, contractors, consultants and a representative sample of ten local authorities, to analyse existing arrangements for delivering flood protection schemes and identify potential opportunities for improvements and efficiency gains. As an outcome of this review, Local Partnerships has been able to recommend specific areas where the EA can improve how they engage with key programme stakeholders, manage delivery and drive better value from their supply chain.

Local Partnerships is working with the EA to take this forward through:

-the development of effective communication tools to support the EA with engaging with key decision makers such as strategic directors and elected members
-creating a long term procurement strategy which leverages the potential advantages to be derived from a six year settlement
-developing a project management service designed to support local authorities with the delivery of flood risk projects.

Steve Biddle, Deputy Director Efficiency, Resilience and Skills, in the department of Flood and Coastal Risk Management at the Environment Agency commented: “LP have provided valuable insight into how we might engage other risk management authorities more effectively. They adopted a collaborative approach which brought together all players to determine a positive way forward.”

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