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We manage the £6m Technology Spin-out Fund for investment in technology to improve health and social care


We conduct short, inexpensive but effective reviews on
high impact, high risk projects where public sector organisations have to ensure they are 'getting it right'


We review and support the renegotiation of public sector contracts to make savings


We are working with central government departments, national agencies and local authorities to develop specialist support for a wider range of infrastructure programmes


We work with local authorities and private sector partners to increase housing supply and availability



Our aim is to strengthen the public sector to deliver more effectively, achieve more swiftly, and give value for money to the taxpayer and public service customer.

We bring together a team of leading edge experts solely for the benefit of the public sector and the dlivery of public services and infrastructure.  Across our specialist programme teams, we provide trusted, professional support and advice in the following areas:

  • delivery of major infrastructure programmes
  • solving problems
  • achieving savings, eg, PFI contracts
  • identifying funding
  • sourcing and commissioning
  • forming effective partnerships
  • procurement, negotiation and contract management.

Local Partnerships is owned by HM Treasury and the Local Government Association (LGA). We receive some grant income from the LGA to support the delivery of their local objectives but mostly we have to earn fees from the central government departments and local authorities with whom we work directly.